Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is it spring yet?

I think So. Utah is finally starting to get some warm weather! Addi isn't sick anymore and I am finally starting to go out more alone with both girls (woo!). Slowly, but surely. I don't know why but that has been an intimidating task for me. I tried avoiding it for the longest time and finally Spence told me I needed to get out the house more, ha ha. I guess sooner or later I would have to venture out alone with the girls. For whatever reason it seems a lot easier when it's not 20 degrees outside..? Or maybe it's just the warmer weather that makes me want to be outside. Either way, I'm learning something new everyday and going out with more than one kid is a whole new world for me. And by "new" I mean overwhelming. If you have any tips on how to go out with more than one kid, or what you do to make life easier, please let me know in the comments! 

Tunic: Old Navy (old)
Turban: LemonBerryDesigns use code:Addi15 for 15% off 

XO, Rachel


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