Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy 1 Month


This little babe is a month old! I could cry right now! We are loving and enjoying life with her, and we are so blessed to have her here. I am also slowly starting to feel comfortable taking her out. Since she won't get her shots until she's two months old, I didn't want to take her out if it wasn't necessary.
I love to watch her sleep because occasionally she smiles, and I can only imagine what she's dreaming of. She falls asleep in the weirdest positions and doesn't mind loud noises. Which is awesome. I remember with Addi there couldn't be a loud noise made or I would loose my shit with someone. I even had a sign at our front door! With Emmi it is so different and laid back.
Okay so baby socks are the worst. I remember why Addi never wore them now! She started off with about 20 pairs and now is down to like 5. I also cant believe she is out of newborn size clothing! I mean.. seriously!! I almost feel like she's not a baby anymore. She is definitely taller than Addi was when she was born. Maybe it's the breast milk!? She definitely has some chubby rolls on her that I want to eat all day everyday.

At One Month:
Sleeps 4 hours at night 
8lbs, 9 oz
Nickname: Emmi/ Emm
Hair is getting darker 
Loves bath time 
Already breaking hearts 
Hates to be swaddled up
Smiles at Daddy's voice 
Sleeps more during the day

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XO, Rachel

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