Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Emmerson's Newborns

I always see these newborn photos, like in Pinterest, and I always swoon over them. I wasn't thinking about getting newborn photos done right away but my amazing photographer said we should get some done ASAP. So here we are at just 7 days old. We took baby Emm to the studio in the morning. I didn't realize that having newborn photos done could take so long. Not only did I have to feed her in the middle of the session but I also had to change her diaper. At one point we had to take off all of her clothes and leave her in just a diaper and she was not having it. She was completely awake and wanted to squirm for about 10 minutes. So we didn't quite finish or get all the photos we wanted, but these will do for now.

 XO, Rachel 


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