Monday, February 22, 2016

Emerson's Birth Story

She's here! Our sweet little girl. We are over the moon for her. Addi is absolutely in love and obsessed with being a big sister! Emmerson came into the world on Thursday, January 14, 2016. I woke up about 5.30 am with mild contractions. I had been having "braxton-hicks" for a week or so, so I thought it was another false alarm. So I laid in bed and tried to sleep them off. Around 6.30 they started to get a little more intense but I didn't want to repeat my first labor all over again. Long story short I was excited to become a mom so the first sign of contractions we headed to the hospital and I had a 16+ hour labor. Never again. 

This time I wanted to spend most of the first part of labor at home. So I started to time my contractions and right away they were at 5 minutes apart, and I panicked! I started to think I wouldn't make it on time. So I woke spencer up. I thought I would jump in the shower real quick but the contractions felt too intense by now. I called the hospital and they probably thought I was being dramatic since I could still talk pretty okay. But I am good at hiding pain and my pain tollerance is really high! I told my mom that it was time and if she could watch addison for a little while or till we found out for sure if I would be admitted. 

Spencer hurried up and got ready. I'm trying to walk through my contractions and of to the hospital we headed. One of the main things I love about spencer is that no matter what he always makes me laugh. As we got into his car he looks at me and says, " I have no gas!" Told me to hold baby in for like 5 minutes so he can get gas. Good thing is that the hospital is probably 10, 15 minutes away from  where we live. 

We get to the hospital and they put me into a room to check my progress, since I was at 3cm dilated just a few days before. When the nurse checked me I was at a 5 and my contractions got harder to mask. I was moved into a bigger room. Shit just got real! At this point I realized baby number 2 was closer then ever and I got SO emotional. Between the contractions and the thought that my Addi wasn't going to be my baby anymore, I was bawling like a baby. 

I knew I wanted the epidural right away so we had the nurse get the anesthesiologist. I was glad he came in quick because I was starting to squeeze everything is site. When the anesthesiologist told me to hold still, I couldn't! the pain was bad and I was still crying my eyes out. After the epidural, I had my mom bring Addi to us because all I wanted to do was hold my girl. These next few hours went by slow and smooth. Around 3'oclock I felt the urge to push and I also started to feel my contractions coming back. So my mom took Addi into the waiting room. The nurse said she wanted my legs to not be numb anymore so I couldn't get another dose of epidural. Long story short, you mamas know what comes next. An hour of pushing and I was feeling everything. Pushing was the hardest for me. I felt like I wasn't pushing hard enough. I was a little worried I wouldn't be strong enough. I am also pretty sure my epidural had worn off. I do not remember feeling this sort of pain with Addi. 

My sweet Emmi came out with the sweetest cry and the lightest hair I never expected. Cue the waterworks. Another person who started to cry was Spencer! which I wasn't expecting. The nurses and doctor did their thing and all I wanted to do was hold my baby. I had asked for immediate skin to skin and in room sleeping. We also delayed her first bath. The best part after giving birth was ordering some food! I was SO hungry and never craved hospital food more then ever. 

Why her name Emmerson Isabella Beal, We wanted something that ended in "son" like Addison. Isabella is something that I liked that was a little on the Latino side of our family, and A lot easier for my grandparents to pronounce, lol. 

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 XO, Rachel 


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