Thursday, January 14, 2016

Soon To Be 4!

So I am near the ending of my pregnancy and I couldn't wait to take some maternity photos. At this point it was a must because my membrane was rupture on Monday! ( I know sorry, TMI) So  I could go into labor any day now. Or a week or so still. I had this session planned for about a month or so and they were supposed to be taken like two weeks ago, but the weather was really crappy here. I also had this dress sitting in my closet for probably 3 months waiting for this day! ha ha. You all know nothing ever really goes as planned either. Spencer was suppose to be part of the maternity session but sadly he had work and we just needed the right lighting! Only photographers will understand.
Stephanie did such an amazing job on these. I had such a hard time picking a few. So I randomly uploaded a few to share. Hope you enjoy them!

Dress: Lauren Conrad, sold out ( similar )
PC: Stephanie Erin 

XO, Rachel


  1. Cute the pictures with your daughter

  2. After two weeks, at least you got to take your pictures and the two/three of you guys came out lovely! :)

  3. These maternity photos are dreamy! I love the dress you picked's beautiful and super flattering! Congrats on being pregnant!

  4. Lovely pictures, and congratulations!!!!!

  5. Beautiful photos and congratulations!!


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