Monday, January 25, 2016

Insta Polaroids

For Christmas I got this cute little instant Polaroid camera. I love it because it's pink and it looks like my favorite social media icon, Instagram!! I've been snapping a few photos here and there and decided that I would start a little something memorable for Addi. Throughout this year I want to make her a poster board and have all our 2016 memories go up so that we can see what we've been up to for the year. I thought it would be a cute idea and she can keep it forever ( I hope) The  picture quality is decent and you have the option to take photos in  color, B&W, and sepia. We also have these fun little blocks you can just switch out photos when ever you want, and set them where ever you want.

 Here are some other ideas I found on how to display these fun Polaroids. 

1. Just a wood from. and string and clothespins! simple and cute.
2. String lights and wash tape, or regular tape.
3. One word, Coasters!
4. Same little blocks we have but these are wooden DIY.

XO, Rachel

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