Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dear, Addi

Since finding out we were expecting baby number 2, I have had a lot to think about. Specially with taking Addi's feelings into consideration. I am sure that all second time parents to be, probably go through this? I have expressed a few times before how I was afraid that with a new baby I would neglect Addi and she would recent her baby sister. Or that I wouldn't have enough love to share between the two of them. So today, for one last time I just want to put my last thoughts down. In hopes I can one day share this with Addi, maybe when she is old enough. So she knows I will always love her. Always have. Always will. Not matter what.

Dear, Addi 
Just a few thoughts and feelings I want you to always remember. Sometimes I forget to tell you how much you mean to me. I am so proud of the young lady you are becoming. Aside from being beautiful, I want you to know you are so much more than that to your dad and I. You are so smart, funny, sassy and just the perfect amount of kind. You never have a hard time making friends. It's your talent actually! Wherever you go you always make someone smile, and I love that about you. I can always count on you to make my day, everyday. 
I know my love for you will only grow more because I can tell you will love you little sister so much. I already see it in the way you hug and kiss my belly. How these last few weeks you have been impatiently waiting for her arrival. You ask me every day if it's time for her to "come out". How you whisper at my belly "I love you" it just makes my heart melt and brings these tears or pure joy and love to my eyes. It makes me so proud when you come talk to me about your day or when you ask me questions. I love that we can already talk about almost anything. I love that we laugh about anything, not just as mother and daughter but as best friends. Thank you for always coming to me with all the questions you ask every day! I love being able to teach you, I also love how interested you are in things. The way you are learning so much already, amazes me. And remember you will always be my baby. My best friend. After all you were my first born. I may love you and your sister the same, but I have loved you the longest my Addi.

P.s Being a big sister is better than being a princess ;)

I wanted to share this book Addi got for Chritmas. I love anything personalized and Addi LOVES to read. Having her name on this book was everything to her!
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