Friday, January 1, 2016

Almost There + A BumpDate

Happy New Year!! 

I'm officially on my third and last trimester 37 weeks to be exact!. Almost there EEK!

So far, this pregnancy has been going very smoothly. Aside from the first trimester where I felt nauseous, but that's common. I am thankful I didn't have a complicated pregnancy. I've read stories of women who just suffer and have the worst symptoms. I feel for them! My check-ups are great, passed my glucose test the first time, which I don't know why but I was worried. So far I am still not in the nesting stage. Or at least I don't think I am. Weird, since I'm at the end of my pregnancy. I don't think my usual clean freak mode counts...does it?! ha!  I was mostly in the holiday spirit of decorating the house for the holidays, especially Christmas. So if that's considered nesting? Then I'll take that.  My whole second trimester I felt amazing, which I will have no shame in saying. Again, I know some women just feel like poop the entire time and I feel for them, but I also won't let that get in the way of how I was feeling. And I say that in past tense because now that I am in my last trimester, I am starting to feel very tired. I guess that's normal thought. With that being said, the second trimester was the very best! In my third trimester I am constantly going to he bathroom, and I feel short of breath allll the time! Just going up and down the stairs at our house feels like I've ran a marathon. There's a few times a night where I don't really get any sleep. And other nights I sleep great. I have been having contractions, or braxton hicks, off an on. Which is kinda scary because I feel like I'm going to get caught off guard, as far as when I go into actual labor! I know it something I can't help. The doctor gave me the okay to be induced but I told him I will let mother nature take it's toll.

How far along: 37 weeks 
Gender: girl! :) 
Total weight gained: about 12lbs 
Maternity clothes: yes, mostly bottoms 
Sleep: pretty good most nights 
Miss anything: having a drink, specially for the holidays 
Cravings: not anything specifically. Just food
Symptoms: fatigue 
Belly button in or out: borderline. It's almost non existent 
Mood: tired but excited 
Best Moment this week: it's a new year! 
Looking forward to: meeting her!
baby is the size of: winter melon
stretch marks: none
exercise: nope
anything making you queasy/sick: thankfully, no
labor signs: starting to have some contractions ( Braxton hicks) and 1cm dialated!

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