Monday, January 18, 2016

10 Things To Do Before Baby is Due

SO! If you follow me on social media like instagram or snapchat ( @tutusandheels, segoviarachel) chances are that you know we had a baby! (more on that to come soon!) I got a little behind on my post but I still want to go ahead and share them anyway. So my last two weeks I have been tired but only because I have been trying to make sure I had everything ready and set to go. I didn't want to come to a dirty home. Or have Spencer come home tired also and feel the need to clean, since we are both neat freaks! Since I have been having contractions for a while now I knew labor was getting closer! So Here's a quick list of some of the things I got to do to get ready for baby number 2! I'm so thankful Spencer's job lets him make his own schedule so he can be around as long as I needs/want. Which is probably going to be all the time! But to have things ready just gives us more time to cuddle!

Clean: and not deep cleaning like I should have but I got the job done!
Meal prep: I had my mom help out a lot with this so we are prepped and ready
Baby moon or date night: We had a few of these, which are always needed.
Pack hospital bag: I was so excited to get around to this because it meant shopping for new baby items. I probably repacked it like 5 or 6 times. check it out Here
Buy last minute things: I didn't get, like a diaper genie, and things we seem to forget like tiny socks, and gloves. Nipple cream, etc
Relax: I know this can be a little hard, specially since you "have" a list of last minute things to do, but make yourself relax! you will thank yourself later.
Organize nursery: I didn't have a whole room to put together or decorate since for now baby will sleep next to me in a bassinet. Once she has her own room It will be super exciting to decorate one.
Spend time with Addie: We had no problem with this one! We did a few dates to the movies, Disney on ice, ice cream runs, a little shopping and some park time. Even just some time together at home means the world to Addi. So we would read books, color, and Play-doh fun!
Declutter and organize: Mostly in our room, we sometimes have a tendency to leave water bottles around. And we ALL have that one chair in our room that gets piled up clothes! Am I right?!

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