Monday, December 21, 2015

My Second Pregnancy: Things I've Done Differently

This second time around, not only have I felt very differently, but I am also bigger than I was with A. From the beginning I thought we might be having twin boys *lol* because I started to show sooner and was very sick. I knew I wouldn't be as lucky the second time around, but I didn't expect to be so sick in my first trimester. So besides being sick, here's some other things that I've have done differently with my second pregnancy.

1. I have been more laid back:
I haven't been such a control or an organized freak this time around. Maybe because I've had Addi to keep me on my toes. Plus I have been busy with the move and now the holidays. And I kind of know what to expect. I wasn't that "first time mom"

2. Not obsessing over labor
With Addi, I read all the books you can think of. Did all the birthing classes they offered to make sure I was informed. This time around I kind of know what to expect ( of course I know something can always go differently ) 

3. Not spending much on baby gear
Since we are reusing Addis crib set we didn't have to spend hundreds on that. I also didn't feel like I had to buy every single baby item out there. I got a lot of stuff with Addi so I know what I need and what is not worth the extra money. 

4. Hoping to breastfeed longer 
The only thing I regret with Addi is not getting educated enough with breastfeeding. I thought it would come easier and natural. So after not really knowing how to properly and successfully breastfeed I gave up. Giving her a bottle seems much easier. So this time around I did a ton or research. And the more I did, the more I want to exclusively breastfeed. 

5. Needed more things 
As far as getting sick and needing medicine or other items to make my first and third trimester go smoothly. Like anti-nausea medicine. Heartburn medicine. Comfy belly band. A body pillow. 

6. Not nesting like a crazy person
I've taking nesting a few notches down. As much as some people want to go crazy on the nursery, like I did the first time. Now I know, I only have to get the baby basics like some clothing, diapers, and food and we are good to go! 

7. Taking care of myself. 
Not only from the inside for the baby, but also from the outside. I've taken care of my growing hair. (It's growing like crazy!) getting a trim and color here and there. I've relaxed with manis and pedis. I haven't gone to a spa but it is on my list before baby comes. I've been eating pretty healthy also! 

8. Photograph and document my pregnancy
With Addi I had a little bit of depression and was worried about other things and making sure we had everything ready. So I totally didn't take any maternity pictures and I regret it so bad. Good thing I had my ultra sounds. This time we've done family photos, I've taken a few maternity outfit photos. A ton of photos that I haven't shared with you all yet. And our maternity photos that I can't wait to share! Embracing the belly! 

 Yes, being pregnant you still have things to do and a lot to get done. Even if that means occasionally taking out the trash! Ha! But don't feel bad, take guilt free naps. Make your showers or bath last longer. Wake up later. Don't forget to get dressed up and still feel human. You will have plenty of days where naps and showers will need to be skipped! 

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