Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday (week 3)

I hope every one's November has been going great. Some of you are probably getting snow already? Well here in Utah ( at least southern Utah) it's barely getting to that tipping point where it's beginning to feel way cold. Once the sun sets, it is definitely cold, but the temp during the day is still reaching the 60's, crazy right!?
So this week I am sharing another reason to be thankful for. And I am Thankful for my sweet tiny lady and our little turkey in the oven ;) I can't thank Addi enough for always being that light that shines bright in our lives. For her smile that no matter what, will turn my day right side up. To our little bundle that we can't wait to meet. You have no idea how you have already made us so happy and so in love with you.

The last two weeks I've shared something that's Thanksgiving related. This week I want to share some table settings that have been inspiring to me.

How gorgeous are these table settings right? To. Die. We wish our table settitng was this fabulous! How is your table setting going to look like this year? Is there anything special or extra that you like to add to the table? let us know in the comment section below :) 

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