Monday, November 23, 2015

Shred life

This past weekend was opening weekend at Brianhead Resort and my brother said it was a must that Addi went. So my brother is the super outdoorsy type. He loves snowboarding, hiking, camping etc. He even has a motorcycle that he drives all around. So for Christmas he got Addi some full on snow gear. Addi was beyond exited to go. She's been asking since last year to go! I figured since my baby shower was this weekend, there is no way Spencer was going to be around a bunch of women  :) So it was a no brain-er. So they headed out to the resort Saturday morning. I was waiting all day long to get photos and videos of Addi getting her lessons and when I finally did, I died! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. And Spencer said she did SO good, he wants to get her a board for Christmas. I was sad I missed her very first lesson and personally not being able to see her enjoy it, but we are definitely going back soon! Does any one have kiddos that snowboard? If so let me know what we can get for her that she can use, brands, gear etc!

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