Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baby Beals Shower

This Saturday my mom threw me a baby shower, which I knew about it already. I sort of helped her plan it. At first I was not in the mood to have one. I figured there's not much that I need the second time around. After all we are re-using As old crib because it was expensive and it's still in great shape. All I ready needed was a stroller, car seat, and some clothing here and there. Every one kept asking if I had some old clothes saved up from Addi and the answer was No! I gave/sold all of her baby stuff, except for some pieces I couldn't part with. But other than that, I pretty much gave it all away. So clothes was some of the main things I needed.

 I had such a fun time Saturday. The people that came showed how much I mean to them, and I hope they know how much they mean to me. Baby Beal was definitely showered with love. The "sweets" table had the baby carriage cake, cake pops, rice crispy bars, cupcakes, and chocolate fruit tarts. The "food" table had a veggie bar, fruit bar, and a chocolate bar. We also had rice pudding and chicken sandwiches. It was simple yet sweet and I couldn't have asked for a better get together. As always, a million thanks to my mom who goes above and beyond every time!

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