Friday, November 13, 2015

1 dress 4 ways

Hash tag TGIF right!? Today I've got another maternity look or should I say looks? :) I got this dress a few weeks ago and I have pretty much been wearing it every other day. It is so comfy and so versatile. The good thing is that it's not a maternity dress so I can still wear it after the baby. 

1. Dress it up With some nude heals and a blazer for a night out or a perfect look for work. 

2. Dress it down With some sneaks and a jean jacket for a casual look. 

3. Layer it and accessorize it with  a scarf, felt hat and some studded flats for a comfy fall look!

4. For those nice cool days pair It with some fall booties and add a pop of pattern like a cheetah print belt.

All these different looks that also work as maternity looks with this perfect dress. Win/win in my book!!

Dress: Bohme

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  1. you are soo cute! that is a great dress!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. You are such a cute and glamorous pregnant woman!! You look fabulous darling -the dress is stunning on you :) Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy :)

  3. You look beautiful. I love each of the 4 looks, and they do look totally different. I think my favorite is with the nude heels.

  4. You look beautiful! I miss my big belly. Well, it's still there but not quite as nice when there's no baby. Ha ha. :)

    I think the scarf/hat is my favorite look.

  5. You showed great ways to wear one dress. I love it with boots.

  6. Wow! That dress is awesome! I would have never thought of so many ways to use on particular dress! I love the scarf outfit by the way! Super cute!

  7. Absolutely win, win. I am getting better at making more options for my clothes but it takes some getting used to. If I buy an outfit together I tend to be close minded when it comes to changing it up. But even a jacket, shoes or purse make a difference.

  8. I love how you've styled this dress taking it from work, to casual, to dressy just with a few accessory changes! Brilliant post :)

    Lottie xx

  9. Love the scarf, love the dress, love the post! You are so cute!

  10. LOVE that dress, and you look gorgeous in it!

  11. You are adorable!!! Some women just look so cute and perfect pregnant, and that's you! Love the looks here-- hard to choose a favorite. I'm a sucker for the jean jacket, though.

    Can't wait to poke around and check out the rest of your blog :)

    Melissa | These words are my own.

    1. Thank you so much!! Sweet comments mean a lot, specially when not feeling the greatest haha! I hope you enjoy this little blog XO


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