Saturday, October 3, 2015

Birthday Weekend

So last weekend was my 26th Birthday! I know, if you are about to say I'm still young, I get that A Lot! HA but truth is I feel old. Mostly because since becoming a mom my birthdays don't really matter all that and I enjoy birthday planning for my tiny lady instead. This year I was also pregnant, in the summer, which means I'm all sorts of tired and I didn't want to do much. We some how ended up with a weekend full of fun things. From the Swiss days to shopping and eating out in between! I love my two persons I get to spend every day with and my family who always goes above and beyond for me. I apologize for my picture quality. We were having way too much fun I only had a second to pull out my phone at times :p Also don't forget, to see more of our days follow us on the snapchat:segoviarachel 

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