Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekend stuff {9.18-9.20}

So it's time to finally come out and say that we have moved from Salt Lake to southern Utah!! Yeah..I know ...why in the heck?! At least that's what I would ask myself if I were younger and had no kids!! If anyone has been down here they know how it is. It is a smaller town with way too many people and the summers are excruciating hot! I'm talking about triple digits hot. Well enough complaining about the heat. I'm glad there's only a few more weeks left of double digits. Long story short, since Spencer is able to work from home and we have both our families here. And we pretty much travel down here every other month we figured we would move here to be closer to family. And with another baby on the way it just made sense to be around family and support. We pretty much did everything on our own in slc so it was rough at times when we wanted to go out just Spence and I. I already miss slc and all our friends so much but its nice to also come here and already have friends and family.
So I was so thrilled when I got in touch with an old high school friend and she has two little girls also! We've  hunged out a couple times already since being down here and our girls became instant friends. Fridays are our playdates and we head down in the mornings to downtown, have the girls ride the carousel. We have lunch and let them play in the splash pad area. So that was our Friday, Saturday I helped my parents out with a yard sale while Addi and Spence had a daddy-daughter Day. Later we did a little pre bday shopping for me and my parents decided to take Addi for the rest of the evening (which was SO nice) It gave us time to have a little double date , dinner and rodeo time with some friends! If you follow me on snapchat (segoviarachel) you can see a lot more of our weekend and every day shenanigans!

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