Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Addie Is 4! Pt 1

This crazy month of August has finally started to wind down a little. I feel like I can breath a little more since most of our crazy packed weekends are coming to an end. It feels like our last big celebration is Addie's birthday week. And we go out with a bang! no matter what ;) So originally I had this awesome vision of a gorgeous tea party for little miss, but when I found out I was expecting and the added morning sickness, I stopped planning anything and pretty much didn't want to think or do anything but lay in bed. So those plans went clear out the window and I was stuck with trying to get through my first trimester and still trying to enjoy the summer. Which is weird because I still feel like we did some pretty fun stuff even thought I wanted to die! Once I stared to feel a little better it was too late to really plan a party and inviting friends over last minute, I just knew it would be a waste. Instead over the next couple days we took her to a few of the museums here in town. Did a lot of birthday shopping and Friday, right before going out of town we took her to the all star lanes. It felt amazing to just focus on her and made sure she felt special. I still can't get over that we have a four year old! Her birthday week/end was a blast. Not what I had planned out from the beginning but still blessed with tons of love and support from our family.

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