Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Surviving the First Trimester

I think most people find out they are pregnant when they are past their first trimester. Or at least almost done with it. With Addison I didn't find out 'till I was about 10 weeks. So I skipped all that stress completely. 
The second time around I knew right away I was pregnant. Or at least when I was three weeks along. It was early on, so I was stressing out from that moment on.
I was afraid of miscarriage or any complications that might happen in the early stages . Not to mention I've been sick the entire time since I found out. With the combination of nausea, allergies and bloating, my first few weeks were horrible. All I wanted to do was lay in bed all day. 
Being 12 weeks pregnant, here are some things that made my first trimester a smooth (or should I say smooth-ish) transition.

1. A body pillow, this one has been a life safer. the bloating has been beyond uncomfortable.

2. I started using stretch mark lotion right away, but nothing too fancy this and this have been my go-to.

3. A Pregnancy Journal from shutterfly. Documenting my pregnancy was a must the second time around.

4. In the first couple weeks I was nauseous non stop. Random smells would trigger it and sometimes I would loose my appetite all together. Sometimes Altoids's would do the trick but other days I needed something more. I came across these that really helped

5. Listen to your "cravings" yes, I believe you get them early on. One of my go to's has been coconut water by the gallons.

6. When you are on the go, this little water bottle  is a cute way to help get down your H20 a little easier.

7. Get your self a baby book and download some apps. It's always fun to see your body and baby change each week.

8. Just because you might feel like your a pregnant cow, doesn't mean you actually look like one. Get your self a cute pair of pajamas I have lived in this long shirt the last couples days. Everything else just feels too tight.

9. Some days, even with other (older) kids, it can be hard to just lay around when you are feeling under the weather. Keeping them entertained is the tricky part. I suggest finding a good new show you can binge watch. Netflix and Hulu can help and will be your new bff!

10. If you do have more kids in the house, don't forget that it is perfectly fine to ask for help. It took me a while to get passed my pride.

Happy Hump Day and if you have any more tips for a pregnant mama, please don't hesitate to share below in the comments!

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