Tuesday, July 21, 2015

For the Love of Reading

I can't say it enough how glad I am to have miss A be in love with books and not just looking through them, but actually wants us to read to her and wants to learn. She's got quite the collection of books in her room already, but sometimes we like to go out to a local library or even Barnes and Noble to pick out a new book to keep. The other day she was talking to her grandma about becoming a sister and I was thinking to myself " how much does she actually understand about that" So I decided we would go and get some help from some books. They have so many options on books about what to expect and introducing baby #2 or 3 :) and how to prepare younger siblings to be. My biggest fear with Addie is that I don't want her to feel left out. I know once the new baby comes along I will figure out a good balance that works for our family, but I still worry. 
So, off to the our local B&N we went. She ended up picking the I'm A Big Sister one. Which we now have read about 869 times! I can tell she is now more excited than ever to be a big sister. 

^ Found these romeo&julietsherlock holmes, and pride & prejudice that are perfect for early readers. Addie has a few that she loves to flip through and reads every word on it. She got hers from Babylit but B&N carries them also. 
^ I added these two If I could.. and you are my heart to her wish list because I love the messages in both of them. They capture true love between mother and child. Can't wait to get them.
^ sometimes we take a break and she wants to just play with the train table. So I start looking for something I can read, or catch up on emails ;)
^ While looking through books we found this amazing If everything were Pink book. Which is exactly about what the cover says! They even have if everything were blue option as well! 
I also thought since it's almost back to school time and a lot of you might have little ones that are starting pre-k or even Kindergarten for the very first time, like Addie :( we could all use some guidance. And I didn't realize but many of the little ones are probably going to be terrified going some place strange for the first time. So here's our pick on some books to make the transition a little easier, not just for the little ones but also mom and dad. Because lets face it, being a first time mom and having my first go to school, I'm a HOT MESS. Addie picked out Rosie goes to preschool, which was super cute. 
...and we can't forget about some sweet treats after a long day of reading ;) Addie always gets a cupcake or muffin and chocolate milk. 

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