Monday, June 15, 2015

Our weekend {6/13-14}

Friday evening we went to another carnival. They also had more vendors, a bmx stunt guy, and a concert with the Party Crashers. I have never heard of them before but let me just say, that was one of the best freaking free concerts I've ever been to! Hands down. Perfect for the family. Addie danced the night away and I wished I had pictures to share of that but my phone had died. We also had dinner there since they had a few food trucks. And if you remember our Summer Bucket list, eating dinner from a food truck was in that list so we could cross that off ✔️ After the concert there was a fireworks show, which Addie has been dying to see some fireworks since last years! There was a moment when Spence and I looked over at her and the glistening in her eye screamed BEST. NIGHT. EVER!! 

Saturday we had lunch, I was craving chicken tenders so Culver's was the closest place. Then we went to an Asian festival which was a bummer for us. We expected more from it.

Sunday we took Addie to Jurassic World. I contemplated the idea of taking her for a few days because some mommy blogger I know were also asking the same question, "if a three year old would be OK to take"? A lot of people said they would not take someone younger than 6. So I was a bit nervous. But Spence knows Addi too well and we took her anyway. She likes dinosaurs and she was excited to watch them. Although it took a little bit for the movie to pick up for her, it wasn't a bad thing to take her. I guess it all depends on YOUR kid. We finished our Sunday at home watching the NBA Finals with pizza and friends. 

Happy Monday!!
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