Monday, June 29, 2015

Baby Beal #2

Yes folks, baby #2 is on it's way! The second time around it has definitely been an emotional roller coaster. It seems to be harder to get pregnant when you actually ARE trying. The anticipation of waiting every month, only to come find out you have to keep trying. It got discouraging and at one point I figured it wasn't meant to be. That we are lucky enough we got our little Addie and that we should just move on. And of course as soon as you give up just a little, BAM! Surprise, you are going to be parents again!
The idea of even having another baby was one that was tossed back and forth so many times. My biggest fear was that Addi would grow up to be an only child, and I wasn't sure how she would handle that as she grew up. I know that when she started school, she would have friends that probably had multiple siblings. I dint want her to feel like I did. I have an older brother, but we are 7 years apart. So for the longest I did feel like an only child. I also didn't want to regret at least not trying. What if Addi asked us "why didn't we try?" as she got older. I don't think I could have lived with that regret. And I know I didn't want to put an even bigger age gap between her and another sibling.
As far as if we want a boy or a girl, to me is either way. I would love for Addie to obviously have a sister, but having a little mini Spence around I think would be fun as well. I know Spence for sure wants a boy! HA

My first bump date
How far along: 12 weeks 
Gender: We don't know yet 
Total weight gained: I've actually lost weight 
Maternity clothes: I got some dresses for the summer from the Liz Lange line
Sleep: most nights are OK 
Miss anything: my energy, HA!
Cravings: coconut water, sweets 
Symptoms: nausea, bloating
Belly button in or out: normal  
Mood: fatigue for the most part 
Best Moment this week: fourth of July is this weekend!
Looking forward to: the weekend celebrating with friends and fireworks
Baby is the size of: large plum
Stretch marks: none, using Palmer's coco butter
exercise: HA!
Movement: this might sound crazy, but yes!
Anything making you queasy/sick: random things
labor signs: not yet!

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