Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List

 Summer is just around the corner and our days are about to get a lot longer. Which means more time to squeeze in a lot more fun. School is out for some parents with older kids. And I have step kids that come and visit every summer. So I know how it feels to have a full house. Trying to entertain older kids can be difficult at times. Don't worry here are some fun things that are a must this summer. Pretty much approved for kids of all ages. Some of them will be free also! 
Although these are some things that are here in Utah, I am sure you can do just the same in your home state. All you have to do is search. Hope you all are summer ready. I know we are! 

1. The Rodeo. This is is a must here. There's pretty much one going on every day throughout the summer

2. Splash pads. Fun and Free!

3. Head out to your local Pool

4. Go zip lining. Spencer and I talked about this one and can't wait

5. Lagoon is our local theme park. Summer date nights are our favorite there.

6. Seven peaks or Cowabunga bay. Addie will be old enough to go to the bigger water parks

7. Picnics everyday..almost every day!

8. Have dinner at a food truck roundup. Meals on Wheels!

9. Visit the farmers market. One of my favorite things to do

10. The aquarium or the Aviary are always fun.

11. Beat the heat and go Ice skating.

12. Provo beach resort. If it gets too hot outside this place is one of our favorites.

13. Color me mine. Paint a loved one something special. Addie loves this place and you can totally show off your creativity.

14. Outdoor Sunset movies. These are also my favorite. Grab a blanket, some food, and your closest friends!

15. Indoor/ outdoor camping. I've been talking to Spence about this for months now. Try in in your back yard

16. S'mores, probably EVERY night!

17. Shaved Ice. We have one across the street from us so I think Addi and I will walk there every morning

18. Go Star gazing

19. Watch the fireworks. Addie is absolutely amazed by them.

20. I just want to lay in a hammock all day long

21. Watch a parade

22. Eat watermelon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. OK, maybe not literally

23.Go check out a Drive in Movie

24. Make Homemade lemonade, YUM

25. Hunt for bugs

What kind of things will you be doing this summer. I would love to hear your ideas, so please share with us!

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  1. I just LOVE bucket lists. Especially for summer activities. This summer will look much different for me than last, when I made my first official summer bucket list. At the time I had a 2 year old and now she's 3 and I also have a 6 week old! My list will have to be baby friendly. I'm hoping she won't be a buzz kill to all of the fun ;) She's pretty fussy now, hopefully she'll mellow out over the next month or so. Your list sounds like tons of fun! -Misty

  2. Hi Misty! Im sure you and your babes will have tons of fun this summer! There are literally hundreds of things you can do with a baby too. It doesn't have to be something super great either. I think with young ones like your 3 and 6 week old all it would take is a picnic and some bubbles outdoors and they would both love that. My 3 1/2 yr old is perfectly content with just spraying a water gun around our backyard HA! Whatever you and your kiddos decided I'm sure it will be fun! XO


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