Friday, May 22, 2015

Jamberry Nails Review

One of my favorite things to do with Addie is to get our nails done together. It is one of the only times she will sit still and talk to me and ask me things the entire time. I think she loves the time we spent together when we do. It makes her feel special. And who doesn't want to fell pretty. Usually I do my own nails at home just because I don't have to drive anywhere and waste time doing that. Normally when I do want a design I will for sure make an appointment somewhere, because lets face I can't draw on a piece of paper let alone try on my self on a tiny canvas (my nails) it's not gonna happen! 
I first found out about Jamberry Nails when I came across a mommy blog. I was intrigued at the idea of nail wraps because it was such an easy, practical, and fast way to style your nails  at home. As a mommy to a very busy toddler I need all the practical and fast I can get, without breaking the bank. Not to mention NO MORE nail chipping! And as if I didn't need any more convincing, the best part yet is that wraps come in tiny sizes for my tiny lady! How freaking cute is that!? When I showed Addi the nail wrap she thought it was a sticker for her nail and said it was so cool.
Applying the wrap is as easy as, clean you nail, apply wrap, trim excess wrap and repeat! and if that didn't make sense you can check our a little more detailed instructions HERE. They have so many new colors and designs that the hardest part is choosing which one to get. 

Here are some more styles. I love this mermaid scales one! If you want to check these out for yourself, Shop Here! 
Another mommy and me style (below)

Happy Friday Friends! 
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