Monday, May 4, 2015

Addie's Birthday Ideas

It's Almost about that time. My favorite second holiday of the year, my little babes birthday! And just like every year I usually start thinking or planning for the next year the day after her birthday, Ha! Call me crazy but to me, nothing is better than celebrating this amazing gift God gave us. Only one small thing will be different this year.  Instead of having two huge parties, we will only be having one small party. For the last three years we've had two themed birthday parties, one in Utah and one in California with the rest of the family. After much though and as much as we would love to have double parties again we just rather save that extra money for other plans we have at the end of this year. 
Another big reason is because Spence and I just bought another car and we're also moving in the beginning of summer. So lots of things are happening and I didn't  have too much time to plan out everything. With the move and all, Spencer promised we would get new furniture and decorations for our new place so of course I want to save as much as we can. 
We've done the BIG "1st birthday" (which I never blogged it, sorry) We did a shabby chic 2nd Birthday . We also did the Jessie the cowgirl 3rd Birthday . I get teary eye just saying this because I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we are about to celebrate my babes 4th birthday!! This year Addie and I decided on a tea party with a little bit of Alice in Wonderland mixed in!  Which I think is the cutest idea yet!! 
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Happy Monday 

Love, Addie & Rachel  

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