Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hanging W/ My Peeps

Happy Easter
I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend. I know we did. From breakfast to dinners and everything in between. Even a quadruple date night with some friends, our spring is off to an awesome start. Addie and I Spent Friday shopping and getting ready for the weekend. I had a totally different outfit planned for her, for our Easter celebration on Saturday but she insisted to wear what she did! Sometimes we just have to pick and choose out battles ha ha.

After breakfast Saturday morning, we got ready and headed to our local park. They had a egg hunt planned for the community. I was a little hesitant at first because we've had bad experience with these egg hunts. I was happy to know that in A's age group, no parents were allowed to help. Which I think is SO much better. After lunch with some family Addie got anther gift, her first bicycle! After much though we went with this Princess bike  and this Princess Helmet . She absolutely loves it! Then Saturday night, we somehow ended up doing some more shopping. Whenever Spence wants to go willingly, I have no complaints HA!

Sunday we went out for breakfast and spent some time at home playing. Spencer decided to give Addie her Easter bag from us then. I can't remember where I found the burlap bag from but I absolutely love it. Its the cutest ever. I like that it's different from the regular basket idea. We took her bike out for a ride but not for long because it was so windy here. Sunday was a bit more relaxed, even though it was Easter we just wanted to be home watching movies and cuddling.

Gifts from Grammy 
I love this bag we got for Addie 

Dress: H&M Similar 
Flower Crown 
Lace Undershirt : Local boutique
Leggings: Old Navy

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