Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Festival of Colors

Last weekend my brother told me there was a Color Festival down in St. George and I was hesitant on going because I was just down the the weekend before that. I also knew that I have never been to one of these color festivals before but I have seen tons of my friends do them and I have been wanting to experience this for my self. At first I wasn't going to bring Addi with me but my brother assured me that the powder was safe for kids. I love taking Addi wherever I go and to have her experience new things as well. So we went! At first she was like heck yeah we are gonna throw paint at people and not have to worry about getting messy or in trouble. Safe to say she had a blast! If you are wanting to check one out for yourself check out Festival of Colors to find the next event near you. I believe Salt Lake City has one coming up soon. You wont want to miss it. 
before ^^

Happy HUMP Day!! 

XO -Rachel 

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