Friday, March 6, 2015

Sweet Smell of Spring

Spring can not be here soon enough. I am so done with it teasing us. One day it feels beautiful outside , the next it is snowing! This Utah weather is so crazy. Now that it is getting closer to the Spring time, it is time to whip out our cleaning supplies, push back those blind and curtains. Let in some sunlight, and decorate our homes with some new spring stuff! Or so I like to think of it this way. New season, new everything right? From clothing to holidays and more. If you don't want to start big and have a whole room transformation that is totally OK. Just start small like I did. I got a few small new "Spring" decorations for my entry way table.

I have always been a little OCD about smells in my home. I don't care how cold it is outside, if a room smells a little weird I will crack open a window. I also have always been a big fan of candles in my home. I have at least one in every room that I will light a few times a week. I have bought candles from a few different places and tried out hundreds of scents. I have also tried some that in a couples days I can't really smell anything coming from it, and that's a really big bummer for me. I recently got this candle from Jackpot Candles and I picked out this sweet pea scent, and when I received it I was beyond thrilled. For one the scent of it immediately made me think of Spring (don't ask me why ha), and two they all come with a little surprise inside! A candle with a piece of jewelry inside! Who wouldn't love that? Best of both worlds for me for sure. When you light up your candle so it can burn a little, and the thrill of waiting to find out what you get is so exciting. You can read more about them Here and how it works Here.

 Sweet Pea Candle C/O Jackpot Candles

I love my Jackpot Candle so much that I want to give you a chance to win one of your very own! 
Head over to my IG (@therealmrsbeal) to see how to enter. 

**Thank you Jackpot Candles for sponsoring this post** All opinions are my own.**

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