Thursday, March 26, 2015

Make a bunny

After the gym I usually like to take Addi to do something fun. Something free and fun that we like to do is go to the library since she LOVES books. So we go to our local library and on some days of the week they have toddler classes. I believe they call it the wiggle worms class and Addie loves it! They do a song and dance and even a story time. This week it was a themed class. Since Easter is around the corner they danced or should I say hopped around to some songs and they read them the Peter Cottontail story. After that, they did an Easter craft. They had them make these cute bunnies. I thought it was an awesome and easy idea, so I figured I would share it with you all. 

Empty egg Carton 
Kid safe scissors (or you can cut the ears out yourself) 
Glue stick 
Black, red, pink, and white crayons
Construction paper  
Other options: 
You can paint the whole bunny any color you'd like
Add googly eyes 
Use paint instead of crayons
 You can always switch the colors of the bunny or paint the whole thing. Whatever you like as long as the kids are having fun!! 

XO -Rachel 

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