Thursday, March 12, 2015

Get Your Littles Ready for Summer

I seriously can't wait for warmer weather. This winter we haven't done too much and Addi and I have been hibernating up inside pretty much all this winter. Not that I don't like it, I am such a home body and prefer being inside when the weather is cold. I don't do cold. I'm a California girl! With that being said I wish we could skip spring and just get right into summer! I hope to have many mini vacays to southern Utah or even California this year. I want to soak up some sun, but by the beach. No offense Utah but I prefer the more tropical feel. To me nothing is cuter than a little swimsuit bum covered in sand. These cute swimsuits have me all giddy and I can already picture miss A wearing all of them. Not all at once of course! 

1. This ruffled number, I LOVE. Coral looks great on Addi and you can't go wrong with ruffles for a little girl! 
2. I love the colors on this piece. The pastel watercolors scream spring time!
3. I am obsessing over the adorable print and color combo on this one and super cheap!
4. How cute is this bunny  suit. Would be perfect for Easter weekend but it wont be warm enough here in Utah for it. 
5. If you could see the detail on the sleeves for this piece it is lovely! and I love the print as well. 

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