Saturday, March 21, 2015

Addie's Easter Basket

I love to always get little gifts for Addie, and when it's a holiday it seems a little bit more fun to incorporate things from that holiday in it! I know there are some people who like to do the no-candy baskets but for us that's pretty much the only time Addie even gets candy so of course I will add some into it. I normally will go to a store and just pick out little things that I think she will want. Or some things she has mentioned to me that she "needs". You can even add "spring" items like gardening tools that are safe to play with. You can never go wrong with water toys! BUBBLES are a must, and sidewalk chalk! For this years Easter basket I couldn't decide if I should use last years basket or just  get a new one! Still thinking on that. As far as her stuffers, well heres what I got so far..
Sun HatSmile ToteHair Clips Play-DohFloral Bunny |

Happy Weekend! 

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