Saturday, March 14, 2015

A date Night w/ My Babes

This week Addie and I scored with having our guy be off two days in a row + we will also have him home all day Sunday (which we already have a friends and BBQ planed) Double score. We can't wait! 
So we decided to take Addie to see the new Cinderella movie, which we all loved! At first I thought that she wouldn't sit throughout the whole movie because it wasn't animated. So Spence and I had already planned a date night for Friday night. So Friday morning Addi was watching some YouTube videos (which we monitor and only give her 30 minutes of it) and came across the Cinderella trailer, she immediately was excited and said she wanted to watch it. So instead of having just a parents night out  we made into a family night out. Addi adores her dad and has him wrapped around that little finger of hers, Spence doesn't mind it one bit. What Addie wants Addie gets! Needless to say we had an awesome Friday evening. To end the night Addie and Spence decided to get take out, came back home and ate. I couldn't eat solids last night because I'm doing a cleanse to get my body summer ready! If you haven't watched the new Cinderella movie you should. It gives the classic a new twist and it's awesome. 

Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend! 

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