Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Update

Morning friends! So lately since the weather has been getting nicer, we have been doing a lot more. Just going out either me and miss A, or as a family on Spencer's day off. I realized that I haven't shared any of those fun things. So I wanted to start sharing what we did on that week. I will start with this past week!  Last Sunday we took Addison to see the Sponge bob movie. She sometimes watches some of the episodes at home and they aren't too bad, but the movie was a whole other level or weird. needless to say Spencer and I did not like it. Addi of course enjoyed it so that's all that matters. I'm happy now that she can actually sit through movies! 

Tuesday: Addie and I went on a date to City Creek. We had lunch at Blue Lemon. If you haven't ate there before please do, it is so yummy! She already knows where the Disney store is and it is so funny that she drags me all the way there. Sometimes it's hard to say "No" to those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes!

Wednesday: We had a lunch date with Spencer. Then we just had to finish up some errands, but everything is so much fun when we do it together as a family!

Friday we met up with some new friends and went pottery painting, post coming soon! 

Happy Monday! 

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