Monday, February 23, 2015

Is it Spring Yet?

With the weather getting really crappy on us all of a sudden, I thought it would be a perfect time to post about the amazing weather we were having the last couples days. We are all summer dreaming here in Utah. I am wishing I was in California right about now! It snowed really hard where we lived a few days ago and I felt like I quickly got the blues. Not that I hate winter but I was mentally ready for warmer weather. Then we got hit with snow, so that really puts a damper on things :/
So enough about the weather and onto this babe of mine. Addie had a nasty fall a few days ago. Long story short she fell and hit her eye/nose area on the bed railing. My poor babe now has a black, purple-ish under eye and I feel terrible for her. Scariest experience I've had so far with her. I can't wish that gut feeling I had, and how scared I was, upon anyone when I was rushing her to the hospital. Thankfully she didn't break anything, she is just bruised. We've been taking it easy these past days and tons of rest and cuddles. Maybe is just me, or maybe is the "first-time mom" in me but whenever something bad happens to Addi (and it's not often) I imagine the WORST. A lot of times I get caught up with life around me and I don't pay as much attention to A as I should. Moments like these make me realize that I need to slow things down and to cherish every moment I have with her. She is growing up so fast and I wish time could just stop. Sometimes all moms and dads need little reminders to be there more for their kids. It can be hard, and no one is perfect. So just take a moment and let your kids know that you love them in anyway you can. No gesture is too small. 

^^ this picture kills me with cuteness, she was in deep thought. 

 Faux fur vest: Old Navy (old) 
Flower Peplum: Old Navy Similar
Moccasins: C/O Freshly Picked

Happy Monday! 

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