Friday, February 6, 2015

Happiest Place on Earth

So I am finally getting around to sharing our Disney trip with you guys. We took so many photos I had a hard time choosing which ones to post. Going to Disney with a toddler can be hard and we learned so much. We aren't experts in traveling to Disney with a toddler, this was our fist time. But I do know a lot of people that are planning on going for the first time and have tons of question, I know we did. So I will share a little bit of what we learned. 

First and foremost, before leaving for Disney Spencer and I agreed that yes, we were going on a family vacation but we were mostly doing this for Addie. We both have been to Disneyland before so we knew there would be rides that we wanted to get on (i.e splash mountain, space mountain) But we also knew that going with a toddler wasn't going to be easy. We agreed to not be our usual self with Addi. And by that I mean not worrying or stressing about what she was doing. Instead to just let go and have fun. Even if that meant she wanted to ride the tea cups four or five times in a row. Or if she just wanted to play in Toon Town for hours and not actually get in any or the rides. As long as she was happy and having a blast, and not screaming or crying. Then we knew we were going to have a great time there!

I was a bit nervous to take Addie to Disneyland at this young age because I know how she can be at times. And the thought of waiting in line for an hour or so made me want to cancel completely. At three years old she can be impatient and doesn't always want to wait in a line. We also got a little worried with the whole measles outbreak. I thought " oh great, just what we needed to ruin our vacation!" Spence is so amazing though. He reminded me that we both, including Addi have our immunizations  on track and not to let this get to me. That we would be alright. He also joked that the measles outbreak would work in our favor because hopefully there wont be too many people vacationing at Disney. To my surprise he was right! There was hardly any wait time for the rides! Not to mention the weather in So. California in January is AMAZING!!

Our first day we went to Disneyland. As we were getting our stroller ready I realized it felt a little weird. I checked the tires and noticed two of the tires were flat!! So we had to rent a stroller. 

I was amazed at how accommodating they are to families with little kids! 

Before going I was reading some articles/post that people wrote on their experiences on going to Disney with  toddler. Let me just say I am a control freak and always want to be prepared and pack extra just incase. Well like I mentioned before we didn't want to spend out trip stressing out about the little things. I decided not to pack random things like a rain coat? And just let go of my control freak-ness and have fun. Turns out we didn't need to pack a bunch of things. All we brought was our diaper bag, water, some snacks and A's blanket because we knew for sure she was going to pass out! and she did!

I didn't even bring a sipy cup for Addi because I knew she would see the souvenirs and want one, or two, or three! 

Spence was especially excited for Star Tours!! 

 Day Two
Disney California Adventure

 By day two our stroller was fixed which was great because it is a lot more comfortable for A and it fits more things. 8 am and I already had taken off my jacket! it was around 60-70 degrees!! 

 We had the magic hour (early admittance) to Cars Land, and I'm not sure if I had high hopes for cars land because everyone I spoke to said it was amazing, but I didn't think it was THAT great! Yes it looks just like the movie and it was cute and all but I expected more I guess. Addi couldn't even ride the main cars racers attraction because she was not tall enough :/ 

 We had the best seats for one of the parades at California Adventure!! 

 They have a 30 Min show that pretty much sums up the whole Frozen movie in a sing a long. It was the cutest thing ever to see Addi and Spence sing a long together. 

 So the Anna and Elsa boutique was a little disappointing to me. They had A LOT of Frozen merchandise but nothing I was excited about that was unique and different. 

Before going on our trip I made A her very own personalized autograph book, you can see it Here
and her outfit was from Sparkle in Pink, including her necklace and bow! 

Overall we had a blast and we are already planning a end of year Disney cruise!

 Happy Friday and I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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