Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Christmas

I know I am a little late but Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! I am so happy you are still here and that you take time to read about my little family, your support means a lot to us! I don't know about you but I'm actually happy Christmas is over with! We could not wait another day to see Addi and her excitement as she opened her gifts. It makes everything all worth it just to see our kids smile. I'm just glad all the chaos is done, the stores and malls were a nightmare to be around in. Not to mention we got a ton of snow Christmas morning. And it also means we are that much closer to a new year which means vacation time! Hallelujah!
I hope you all had an amazing time with the people you love and delicious food. This year my parents went to California and Spence's parents stayed in st. George but we were more than OK with Spending Christmas just us three + my brother came and spent it with us too so that was so nice. Addison got to open 3 different sets of presents in two separate days, Lucky girl. The ones she got from us, then some from Spencer's family, and some from my family. Being an only child and first grand daughter is tough ha ha. Our Christmas wasn't too eventful. We did our presents, watched Christmas movies, and had our dinner. We kept it low key and all about family time. The flu bug that has been going around landed in out home right before Christmas and poor Spence had it Christmas day and I had Christmas eve. It was bad not being able to do more holiday activities but what can you do? 

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I had bad lighting in our place this morning and was too excited to start snapping pics that I didn't check my settings. 

These photos are the face of pure joy! 

This girl got hooked up on anything and everything Paw Patrol! 

Happy Holidays from our Family to yours, I hope you are staying warm with tons of cuddles and hot drinks! 

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