Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Officially Winter

It has officially frozen over here in Utah. We've had two snow days already with plenty more to come! I was so not ready for this. These past few days we have been staying indoors, with the exception of going to the gym in the mornings. I didn't wanna keep miss A cooped in all winter, even thought we have been having some fun times indoors, so I decided I would taker her to a museum since being outside is not an option right now. I also want to apologize for being gone a while, Addie came down with a cold and she gets really whinny if we are out :/ I think she was starting to catch something when I took these photos because she wasn't too happy. I didn't want to force her so I only got a few.

Leopard Sweater : Gymboree On sale now!
Lace black undershirt: Walmart
Red Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
T-strap flats: Old navy
Black Scarf: DIY
Peacoat: Old Navy (old)

Hope you all are staying nice and warm!

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