Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Sparkle

So Thanksgiving is here and just like that it will be over. I cant wait to eat some tasty food tomorrow! 
Christmas is the next big holiday that I am most anxiously waiting for.
We have some presents under our tree already and Addi can not stop asking me to open one, it is torture HA HA. So meanwhile to hold us through this month here is a cute holiday look. I am hoping I can bring more holiday looks/options within the next weeks to get you holiday ready. 
Long-Sleeve Peplum top: Walmart
Leggings: Carter's 
Slippers: I got these in a really big size about a year ago and they finally fit, 
I just can't remember from where :/ sorry. Similar Here
Hair clip: Etsy 
Necklace: Etsy 

 When we get a little break after Thanksgiving dinner and black Friday, I will post on my holiday home decor. I was going to wait till after thanksgiving (usual tradition) to decorate our home, but let's face it, who could wait?!

Have a great Thanksgiving Day

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