Friday, October 24, 2014

Hi and Welcome!

I just wanted to make a quick post to quickly welcome all our new followers we have! Welcome to Tutus and Heels. We are so excited you are here! I started this blog about a year ago because I wanted to share Addison's adorable style. I absolutely love dressing miss A more than I do myself. I would get a lot of people ask me where I would get her clothes from so I decided to start this and share with everyone! I was born and raised in California. Spencer was born in California but mostly grew up in Southern Utah. My family and I moved to Southern Utah about 8 or 9 years ago, I had a hard time with the big change in scenery and everything but it was home for us. When I turned 18 I moved back to California and went to school out there but I missed my parents and brother a lot. I ended up moving back to Utah and a few months later I met Spencer through mutual friends. We dated for a while and got engaged. We've had a long engagement because legally we aren't married yet. Everyone just calls us husband and wife because we've been together for almost 6 years. When we found out we were expecting Spence got offered a job up in Northern Utah so we left our families and moved up here. Addison Elle was born August 2011 and I've never been more in love with a tiny human being in my life. She definitely brought our family together and is the absolute light in our lives. I love the bond she has with her daddy. Both of them together just melt my heart. I was fortunate to always have my dad in my life and I still do. So it's very important to me that my daughter has the same type of relationship. We've been living in Salt Lake City for almost three years and we love it up here. Just living life as a family of three for now. I try to do at least 3-4 post a week and I share a lot on my Instagram, @therealmrsbeal, so make sure and follow us there too! Thank you for being here and supporting us. I hope you all stick around!! If you have any questions or comments please fell free to ask! 

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