Monday, October 13, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I figure I would do a post and dedicate it to my Aunt who has had Cancer twice and survived it twice!!!Can I get an amen...?!! I wont go to much into that but we are SO grateful and thankful that she is still here with us and doing GREAT! She is such a trooper. 

No better way to show appreciation and  spread awareness to everyone than by rocking this amazing color, PINK! Men wear it also! I think it is good idea to start teaching young children about awareness and to support people in your family or community. Not just for Breast Cancer but other causes out there. There are so many like Bullying! 
                               Pink Scarf | Pink NB Sneakers |Pink Bangle | Ipad Sleeve | 

4.Ballet Flats
5.Puffer Jacket
6.Knit Sweater
7.Sparkle, Glitter, Shine
8.Pink UGGS
9.Pink Leggings

Happy Monday!!
P.S You all might know I'm in California, if you follow me on IG (@therealmrsbeal)
We are having so much fun! hope you all had a great weekend!

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