Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Our first fall outfit of the season and I'm in love! 
I can't wait to style this little lady more for the cooler weather. 
First of let me just say that this sweater is from the little boys section at H&M! 
Don't judge me HA!  Yes, when I go to H&M I go through every section
in the store cause you never know what you might find.
I also wear some stuff from the men's section!
 So I grew up in LA and there's no reason why
I wouldn't dress up my little girl representing my hometown! 
It was bound to happen sooner or latter. And I think
this sweater was the perfect way to start.
Also there's nothing wrong with dressing up your little girl in boy clothes.
I'm not the first one who has done it. Or even vise-versa, I've seen
little boys with floral prints or even pink! I love it.
This turned out to be an amazing outfit!
I love how the floral print makes this sweater a little more girlie.
And these moccasins!! seriously in love with this color for the Fall
Thanks to a new friend  at Myla Moo for these xo
So if you can't tell, I will let you know now, Addi was not in the mood
to have her pictures taken at all!! HA! I guess we will stick
to outdoor photo shoots from now on. 

  Sweater: H&M
Leggings: Old navy Similar
Moccs: C/O

Happy Hump Day

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