Thursday, August 14, 2014

Addison is 3!

I can not believe we officially have a 3 year old! I could cry. Being the momma of this sweet girl fills our hearts with joy. She makes us so proud! she is becoming the best daughter we could ask for. She's smart, happy, sweet, thoughtful and so much more!! My dearest Addison, I will celebrate you every minute of everyday, for the rest of my life!
First things first.. We had to stop at Starbucks. Our closest one was inside a Barne's &Nobles. A likes to get her usual, chocolate milk. Since it's her Birthday she gets a free cupcake! Free is always good!!
We walked around for a bit and looked at some books. She picked out a Toy Story one, go figure! And she also spotted a Frozen cup that was too cute not to get, after all she is the Birthday girl. Spence had to work today because they have so much going on! So just me and my girl had lunch and a little birthday shopping. We later met with him to have dinner and dessert!
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