Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all the amazing men out there, and to those single fathers who play that double role in their children's life!! Our Father's day was pretty simple, just how Spence wanted it. We actually had dinner Saturday night and the kids gave him his presents and home made cards. Sunday afternoon we BBQ at a nearby park and played most of the day. Later that evening we rented a red box and we all curled up in blankets watching movies till all the kids past out! It was an awesome day  even though it was a little windy. 

So leave it up to me to use my camera non stop, and magically think it is going to charge itself. I was totally ready to go when I realized my camera was dead! ugh. So I used my phone to snap some photos on Sunday. We were so busy just enjoying this day that I didn't really have time to take pictures. 

I made this banner for Spence. He loves video games and currently playing this Titanfall game. So it was only appropriate to make something he actually likes instead of a stereotypical ties, which he hardly wears. 

A few of his gifts 
I got this "We heart Daddy" key chain made from Etsy Here. He literally cried when he opened it!! 

                                             I hope you all had an awesome weekend!! 

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