Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy mothers day to all you lovely Mommy's out there, Lets not forget there are fathers out there that play both roles, and I know they have a special day coming up to but I don't like to single anyone or judge :) I hope you all had an amazing weekend with loved ones!

Before I jump way into this post let me just start of by saying, where the heck did time go!! It was just last week when I was at home thinking about mothers day and it is now days after!! Long story short I got a call last minute from my mom saying we were celebrating Mother's day in California with all the family! exciting but intense because I had to pack, plan and drive from Utah to California overnight to spend mothers day with my family. Totally worth it thought. We had so much fun!! So apologies for my late post.

So now you know I spent Mother's Day weekend in California, the weather? not so sunny. It was a bit chili for the typical Cali weather but it was nice. I was so excited to be spending time with my grandma who I love and miss so so much!! It was a bit chaotic with all the family visiting that I didn't really take too many pictures, I did however post some to my Instagram (@therealmrsbeal).

                                       Thanks to the hubby, my keurig was finally replaced!! 

So blessed and thankful to be spending another Mother's Day with my loved ones and my beautiful Addie and my mother. I wouldn't be the mother I am if it weren't for those two!

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