Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Prepare for picture overload!! This year A got two Easter baskets, filled with tons of goodies. Our Easter festivities began on Saturday, with an egg hunt at a local park. I'm not sure how you do Easter where you live, but here in Utah it can get pretty serious. I'm talking about egg hunts in every single park across the state. Just in case we missed one in the morning there's always another one in an hour. ha ha! We had so much fun. On Sunday we had a pretty laid back day. Just Spence, Addie, and I decided on a picnic at a nearby park and we wanted to do our own little egg hunt just for A. As she gets older I can see how much she can enjoy and understand the holidays!! While at the park I took a second and realized that life was great and it couldn't get any better. I love our little family! Also you will notice that Addison is OBSESSED with bubbles!! Hope you all a wonderful weekend!

This was Addison Sunday morning when she got  her second basket (left and right). The middle picture was a giveaway she won from the sweetest girls over at Adie's Corner. She immediately fell in love with the softest bunny ever!! She also got an adorable bow that she wore on Sunday, and a $25 gift card. Thanks again Lisa and Adie!! xoxo 



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