Saturday, March 1, 2014

Why we finally threw out the baby bottle!!

As many of you all know, toddlers can be very picky eaters. I didn't use to have this problem with A until recently. When A was born I only breastfeed for  a few months. Long story short I didn't really know what I was doing and by the time I got the hang of it I didn't have enough supply coming in and I was very frustrated so I quit. 

When she started on solids, like baby food and purees I feed her pretty much everything. I didn't make my own baby food as often so I would mostly give her store bought baby jar food. I didn't want her to be a picky eater so I made sure I gave her a different variety of food to taste and she was a really good eater. Also with solids she always had a few ounces of whole milk a day. 

As she got older it seemed (at least to me) that she wasn't gaining any weight. At her doctors appointments her doctor would say that it was normal & that it was probably a stage because she was taller than most kids in her age group, & that's why she looked thinner. As any mother, I always worried but tried to take her doctors words for it. My mother advised me to get her taking vitamins daily, So I did. It recently got to the point where all she wanted was her bottle of milk. She would drink one at bed time and some nights she would wake up in the middle of the night and demand one. Our pediatrician said that I must take the bottle away at 1 year and that mid night feedings needed to stop. I tried to take her bottle a way but caved in quickly because I didn't want to see her grow up too fast, and whole milk was the only thing she wanted to eat. 

I noticed that she ate solid food less and less. Even her favorite food, Spaghetti. I resorted to buying PediaSure that is proven for weight gain & our pediatrician said it was okay for her to have those. After a couple weeks that's all she wanted to eat. It wasn't until a recent trip to California that I finally decided for her to quit the bottle cold turkey. I was so worried for her eating habits and wondered what I did wrong. I was looking for help any where I could find it. I was tired of hearing that it was normal and that eventually she would grow out of that stage. I took matters into my own hands. One morning I threw away the last two bottles she had. When she asked for milk I told her that if she was hungry she needed to have solid food. I fixed her up a meal and set it on the table. She was not interested in eating at all. I stayed strong and firm it would be for her own good. I didn't give her milk at all that day and she was forced to eat something. I knew that she wouldn't starve her self and would eventually have to eat something. After a few days of this I'm glad to say that she is eating A LOT more and I'm so glad. I really think that her depending on that bottle was making her not want solid food and I wish I would have cut the bottle sooner.

These are the kind of bottles that she has been using since birth

These are the supplements I gave her


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