Monday, March 17, 2014

weekend wrap-up

This past weekend we just HAD to get a way for a little because I was so jealous of the weather down south. While down in St. George I decided to cut Addie's hair because for the last couple months is has been very unmanageable, and every time I went to comb her hair it was a battle. I didn't want to cut her hair because I've always said that if I ever have a little girl she will always have long hair. So this was her very first haircut and it was hard for me to go through with it, but I had to. I knew she wasn't going to sit still at all because 1. She's a very very busy toddler and 2. She doesn't like her hair being touched. Luckily that hair dresser did and amazing job, she was great with kids and did every thing to make miss A comfortable. We were so happy with the end result.

before and after


also While down in St. George since the weather was amazing we went up to Zion Naional Park. They also had St, Patricks day festivities going on so that was fun.


Hope you all had a great weekend!!


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