Friday, March 28, 2014

Easter basket wish list (Toddler Edition)

Aside from the small stuff inside the Easter basket A will get, like the candy and small toys. These are some of the fun items and things I know she will use that I would like to get her. We already have a cute Easter basket and I can't wait to get her more stuff to fill it up with. If you are getting a toddler an Easter basket and have no idea what to add other that the usual eggs and candy, here are some ideas with things that they will for sure love. 

You can't go wrong with bath toys or pajamas. You can pretty much find anything on etsy!! I love that one stop shop to get gifts for everyone and you help out small businesses. 
There are so many things that you can add to a basket for a toddler boy or girl. Like sand toys and bubbles. Since summer will be coming soon anything that they can use then. Books, board games. Chalk, crayons, coloring books, paint, sippy cups, if personalized that would better, play dough, hot wheels, bouncy ball, eating utensils, stickers, DIY treat, sunglasses, a bathing suit (boy or girl), headband or ties. 

|Vans shoes Wood toy cameraPlush PeepsBath toys Princess pajamas Personalized Towel|

These plush peeps are the cutest thing ever! and shoes, you can never have too many shoes. I love this personalized towel that will definitely get a lot of use during the Summer. Pajamas because you always need theses. The cutest wooden camera, because A loves to take pictures and I can't always give her my expensive one and imaginary play is the best. Bath toys because every kid loves bath time and something to play with during that time!

Whatever you decide to go with I am sure that toddler in your life will love it! Any more ideas on what to add in a Easter basket please let me know!

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