Friday, February 21, 2014

Learning through play

                 Lately A has been saying a lot more words and it is such a proud momma moment when I see that she is learning so much. I try and do anything ( like any mom) to help her learn more. I don't want her to think that  learning is boring and at least for now I think she will learn more if we make it fun for her. The other day while at the store we were in the game isle trying to see what we could get for her that would be educational. We picked up some cards and other good stuff, and we also got a board game. We thought candy land would be simple enough for her and of course we had to get the Princess edition. We don't always play by the rules with her on this one. When we play we ask her what princess she would like to be and pick a card and ask her to place her princess on that color. So for this game its all about learning colors, waiting for your turn, patience and lots of fun.


               I would love to know what works with you and your kids and what you did to help teach your kids. A is 31 months old so anything that would help in that age range.


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