Sunday, January 5, 2014

NuMe wand review (not sponsored)

If most of you haven't heard of this company called NUME then you are missing out. If you LOVE to curl your hair and/or straighten it like I do, you know it's important to have a good quality hair tool that won't damage you hair, but also give you results you want. I purchased this set a few months ago and I'm glad I decided to splurge a little on these. The set I got its called the vintage set it includes the straightener and you get to choose what color you want and I got the 32mm curling wand  in black (the thickest one, since I have long thick hair)

Here are some pictures of my hair styled with the curling wand


To keep my hair in place I use this amazing hair spray that you can purchase at any drug store called Elnett Satin by L'oreal. I've tried many different kinds of hair products and when I came across this one I immediately fell in love with it. It doest make your hair super stiff but it does keep it's hold just right and it smell good also, total plus! 


I'm definitely not a PRO at doing my hair! It took me quite some time to figure out a technique that worked great on MY hair type. If you have any tips/ tricks or any products that work great please share!! 


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