Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY: No sew head wrap (knotted)

AKA Head turban, I've been seeing these babies everywhere and they are so easy to make and cute.. I'm not really the type to wear head bands so I leave that up to my little girl A. They look way better on her, but I did model one so you can see how it looks on.


      Materials: Fabric, scissors, tape measure

       Measure your head ( or who ever you are making it for ) in my case little miss A

   take those measurements to your fabric ( sorry my fabric is wrinkled, don't judge!) and add 6 inches so for me the total was 25. You can make it as thick as you want, I did 5 inches wide.

   Take your fabric and wrap it behind and up the head, tie a loose knot and adjusted to your liking. make sure you puff it the knot a little so it doesn't look so tight! then take the loose strands and tuck them under so they wont show, and that's it!

Infinity headband:
Materials: Old shirt, scissors, a tape measure


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